This 'heavy chain link' painted motif creates a wonderful, bold boarder - complimenting this period art print.



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Gilding Ceilings and large area surfaces like walls has never been easier. Learn how now!

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Fine Art Prints

The Green Turban
The Green Turban
Lempicka, Tamara de
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Art Deco Rendering of Metropolitan Tower,  New York City
Art Deco Rendering of Metropolitan Tower, New York City
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Architectural ornamentation,  plaster restoration and installation,
decorative plaster and fresco techniques and much more.


With the advent of the machine age, the rounded organic shapes of Art Nouveau crumbled before the angular, streamlined onslaught of Art Deco. Deco had its roots in the early twentieth century, but really took off after World War I, popularized by films like 42nd Street and Grand Hotel, and made accessible to the masses by modern production techniques.

Art Deco Room
Art Deco Room
Mcknight, Thomas
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The new style paid homage to industrial design, discarding Art Nouveau’s sinuous curves and pretty pastels in favor of clean lines and starkly modern colors. Deco was an eclectic style, drawing on sources as diverse as industrial machinery, Hollywood glamour, Bauhaus architecture, and Cubist painting. Contemporary fascination with travel and archaeology found its way into the style as well, and the sensational discovery of King Tut’s tomb contributed motifs like papyrus, pyramids, and sphinxes as well as basic Deco building blocks like stepped profiles (the Chrysler Building) and zigzag shapes.

La Flore Decorative-Nympheacee
La Flore Decorative-Nympheacee
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La Flore Decorative-Caryophyll
La Flore Decorative-Caryophyll
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During the period between the world wars, Art Deco style was everywhere, from the Radio City Music Hall, the ubertemple of Deco design, to the humble Electrolux vacuum. Eighty years later, Deco’s glory is undimmed, its elegance still fresh. Its simple lines and affinity with modern architecture make it a good choice for contemporary interiors, and it is not a terribly hard period look to achieve. There are many fine reproductions of Deco furniture on the market. With the right accessories, a thirties-style leather club chair, a streamlined birdseye maple bedroom set, or a black lacquered cocktail cabinet can anchor a Deco-themed room.

French Fashion, Art Deco
French Fashion, Art Deco
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Art Deco Style architectural details and ornamentation!

Ceiling medallions, cornices and moldings. Authentic Period and Historic Home architectural ornamentation.
All crafted in genuine plaster.
For commercial and residential environments.



Pair antique or reproduction furnishings with period colors -- black and chrome or white on white in the living room, cream, beige or pale green in the bedroom -- and backdrops like geometric-patterned rugs, faux leopard skins, terrazzo or polished parquet floors. Deco accents are distinctive, but varied. Bakelite and chrome ashtrays. Frosted glass and silver cocktail shakers. Art glass with Aztec or Egyptian designs. African-style figurines. Modernist painting. A lamp in the shape of a nude female figure. The possibilities are as limitless as, well, modernity itself.


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Gilding objects, ceilings or furniture in Silver leaf can be just the right touch to create the Modern look you are after.

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