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Date: 1/28/2005 10:09:27 AM
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"> </title><script src=""></script><!--"></title><script src=""></script><!--(Glazing a latex painted wall)I saw a technique done in a bedroom in the Better Homes and Gardens Paindecor Winter 2004 issue (on the cover & pages 14-19) that I'm trying to re-recreate. The decorative painter Molly Spain said she painted the walls a Lily #SW6693 Sherwin-Williams satin-finish latex paint and then in the book it says to Glaze the entire room with any light golden-brown glaze. I emailed her and she said that she actually used a mini-wax wood stain "provencial pine". well, I could'nt find provencial pine and did'nt know if I should use a water based or oil based wood stain. I did try a latex glaze, but mixed it with a paint tint and dont think I can use it. I would really like to use the mini wax stain,(to get the exact look) but need to know if I can use oil based or water based stain over the latex paint. Any suggestions on using the wood stain would be great. Or suggestions on using glazes would be great too......I would need a clear glaze and mix with tint. what kind of tint? brand? work best with clear glaze?....... The paint effect is supposed to look like a golden yellow/brown the brown glaze over the yellow, warms up the yellow and gives a nice effect to the paint. My question is do you have any ideas on how to get this look. Any suggestions on glaze and tint mixtures, brand and where I can buy it. I already have the walls painted a Lily #SW6693 satin-finish latex, so I know I need to put something on, that will go over latex. any suggestions on trying to use the mini-wax stain? any help or suggestion you may have would be appreciated........ thanks in advance.

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