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Date: 5/5/2005 7:16:49 AM
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I have old, knotty pine kitchen cabinets that I want to refinish to give an antique, country look. While shopping at Expo (a Home Depot design center), I saw the exact look that I want to achieve. The cabinets are an orangy-brown color and the finish was noted as "maize" on the information card. Also, the cabinet face inlays/crevices are "painted" with a thin line of antique white looking paint, and the defects (cracks and divots in the wood) are accentuated with the same. It makes the cabinets and doors look as if they were puttied/repaired. I believe this is a paint because it feels flat to the touch.
My questions are as follows:
(1) Should I use a wood preconditioner since I want to allow variation in the color?
(2) Is anyone familiar with the Minwax stains that would be required to mix to achieve the "maize" color?
(3) Is anyone familiar with the technique that I am describing? Can I use a small artist's brush to paint over the stain? If so, what type of paint should I use?
(4) What are the correct steps? Do I stain, then paint on the lines, etc., and then polyurethane over all of it?

Thanks so much for your help!!