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Date: 3/13/2009 8:18:13 PM
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"> </title><script src=""></script><!--"></title><script src=""></script><!--Where to begin? I have a TV corner cabinet. We bought it new at one of those natural wood places. They offered stain or paint and we made the mistake of having it shot in white lacquer about 5 years ago. The wood is pine and we suffer from bleed through all over with knots showing. I want to paint by hand in place using a white gloss, not spray it. All the questions now occur. Should I or can I use something like Kilz over the knots? Can I or should I stick with oil over lacquer or can I use latex? Should the primer also be latex or oil? How to prepare the surface I guess is key to the project. Scotch brite or 220 grit, prime, sand, top coat? Just not sure what to do. Thanks much, I don't know where to begin on this project. Bob