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 Bacchus, c.1597
Bacchus, c.1597
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Vermeer, Jan
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17th Century Baroque Garden

Detail Of Crivelli's 17Th Century Baroque Garden At Palazzo Bomomeo., Isole Bella, Lombardy, Italy
Detail Of Crivelli's 17Th Century Baroque Garden At Palazzo Bomomeo., Isole Bella, Lombardy, Italy

Diana Mayfield/Lonely Planet Images
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Baroque Facade Of Il Duomo., Syracuse, Sicily, Italy
Baroque Facade Of
Il Duomo.,
Syracuse, Sicily, Italy
Diana Mayfield/Lonely Planet Images
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Architectural ornamentation,  plaster restoration and installation,
decorative plaster and fresco techniques a


In the Rome and Paris of the seventeenth century, the houses of the wealthy and powerful reached new levels of dynamism and grandeur.  Everything from furniture to building facades spilled over with carvings of birds, beasts, fruit and flowers.  Elaborate decoration overwhelmed the senses, often alongside fantastic works of painting and sculpture.

Baroque Facade With Stonework.,Verona, Veneto, Italy
Baroque Facade With Stonework.,Verona, Veneto, Italy
Jeffrey Becom/Lonely Planet Images
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Baroque domestic architecture was theatrical, extravagant, seeking to flaunt wealth and astonish the viewer.  Where Renaissance design had appealed to the intellect, the Baroque worked on the emotions.  Even Counterreformation religious conversions were miraculous visions inspired by lavishly ornamented churches and flamboyant devotional art.

If you don't have the means to build your own Versailles, you can create Baroque opulence with a few well-chosen pieces and the right decorative objects.  Materials should be luxurious: silk, damask, velvet, tapestry.  Colors should be strong and placed in bold, regal combinations like purple and ochre, indigo and gold.  Baroque decorative arts are intricate and rich: large Chinese floral motifs, carved and painted geometric designs, wood inlaid with gold, ebony, or mother of pearl. 

Baroque Style architectural details and ornamentation!

Ceiling medallions, cornices and moldings. Authentic Period and Historic Home architectural ornamentation.
All crafted in genuine plaster.
For commercial and residential environments.



Elements of Style

Furniture:  Chairs can be carved, inlaid, painted, gilded -- whatever will make them ornate and extravagant.  Bed hangings, an oak armoire, and beveled-glass mirrors in the bedroom.  In the living and dining rooms, heavy carved built-in cupboards, an oak buffet.  Wide, low dining chairs with crossed legs, lion paw feet, and velvet upholstery for a throne like feeling.

Floors: Inlaid wood floors with intricate patterns are typical of this period.  Also excellent: black and white tile in diamonds or squares, rush mats, Persian rugs, stone floors, particularly with a painted geometric pattern.

Baroque Architecture (HC)
Baroque Architecture (HC)
Pozzo, Andrea
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Walls: Paneling was often painted in geometric shapes.  Walls featured lavish floral or figural carvings or paintings, gilding, faux marble or tortoiseshell.  Moldings and cornices, however, were plain.  Tapestries -- painted fabric, gilded or tooled leather, velvet, damask -- go far in creating this style.

Windows:  Full, dramatic draperies, with gold and silver tassels or embroidery.  Floral designs, matched with the upholstery, are quite authentic. Window and door latches were widely used during the period.

Lighting:  Baroque houses were lit with candles, solid brass, wood, or pewter candlesticks or mirrored sconces are the most authentic.  Large chandeliers are appropriate also.

Decorative objects: Chinoiserie is the most important type of decoration: lacquer ware, Chinese snuff bottles, porcelain, fans.  Also authentic: blue and white Delftware, gilded frames, small sculpture, busts.

Baroque Portrait of Lady
Baroque Portrait of Lady
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