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The Color Wheel Big Color Wheel 27 in. diameter large color mixing tool

Large enough to permit students to learn color mixing and basic color relationships by employing "hands on" techniques. 27 in. diameter is 300% larger than standard wheel.


Principles of Color Design is the definitive introduction to color for graphic designers and artists. Presented clearly and beautifully in full color throughout, this is an invaluable guide to color principles and design techniques for students and professionals alike.

Principles of Color Design

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Welcome to the artSparx color learning center, your permanent
reference site for any color challenge. 

Using color at home or in the office - for paintings, furniture or any artistic challenge - takes a good eye, a little know how, and a creative imagination.

But how do you start?

At artSparx we've developed a color program that will help you solve all your color challenges. Start by visiting the 'Colors for residential and commercial interiors' feature, providing you with overall information on using colors sucessfully in any environment. Next, browse the following colorScheme features to tailor and design your color palette to fit your interior color needs. From basic ideas on how we see color, to the unique 3 step colorScheme system created at artSparx especially for you, we'll help you understand the elements of color, and how to incorporate these ideas to create successful color solutions to any project.

Using color, patterns and imagination
help unify walls, furnishings, and in
this case, floors.

Visit the Painted floor
step-by-step tutorial!

About Color 
How we see color
3 Step colorScheme System
  1. Understanding the 12 step color wheel
       Creating a 12 step color wheel.

  2. Basic principles of color
       Primary, secondary and tertiary colors   
       Tints and shades, value and hue, neutral grays

  3. Creating harmonious color schemes
       Using complementary and contrasting colors
       Using triadic colors to create balanced color schemes
    Using tetrads to create balanced color schemes


Create your own paints and glaze colors using exact recipes and
color mixing proportions.
Advanced color principles 
For those interested in in-depth color learning. Ideal for designers, artists, illustrators and graphic designers.
artSparx Color Palette
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The color wheel



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