Georgian Rooftops And Chimneys In New Town, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Georgian Rooftops And Chimneys In New Town, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Chris Mellor/Lonely Planet Images
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Faux Delft tiles!

The loose, un-even quality of this faux technique makes painted Delft tiles an ideal decorative effect for the beginner or inexperienced do-it-yourselfer.

Irregular lines and loose hand painted renderings add character and old world charm, easily achieved without any prior painting experience.

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Create your own Georgian color schemes!

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The paneled Georgian door, flanked by flattened columns, topped with a filigree fanlight or crown, makes an imposing, elegant impression.  The door is set in a flat stone or brick facade, punctuated by symmetrical windows, paired chimneys and perhaps -- in a grander house --  a stone terrace.  Wrought iron lampposts or fencing, a stone walkway, and shutters complete this traditional, gracious house style.

Georgian architecture, the style of choice throughout the eighteenth century in England and America, took ancient Greece and Rome as its inspiration.  From grand English country houses to the humbler colonial pattern-book homes of early America, Georgian style recreated the balance, harmony and dignity of its Classical sources.

Georgian doorway with 'fanlight' above the entrance.

Georgian Fireplace Mantel

Georgian fireplace mantel

 Period: Georgian

Hand built wood mantels with hand applied composition ornamentation
Carefully assembled utilizing tongue and groove, splines and precision engineered joints and miters.
Our mantels can be manufactured in any size or wood species desired. Poplar is our standard wood.
Stock Opening:
Width 54 in. x Height 36 in.

Height: 4' 6"
Width: 6'

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Georgian interiors, in keeping with the architecture, emphasize an elegant sense of proportion.  Rooms are airy and light, color schemes pale, and classical symmetry is paramount.   The furniture is delicate -- Queen Anne wing chairs upholstered in pale cream damask, a carved Chippendale highboy.  The fireplace is the heart of the room, and should be fully outfitted with cast iron, carved pillars and medallions, and a fire screen.

Georgian Style architectural details and ornamentation!

Ceiling medallions, cornices and moldings. Authentic Period and Historic Home architectural ornamentation.
All crafted in genuine plaster.
For commercial and residential environments.


The contemporary decorator can choose among austere and intricate Georgian design elements.  Baroque decoration was commonly used atop the style's  neoclassical, rectilinear foundations.  Plaster walls, paneled halfway up (called a "dado") and painted cream or sage, might be adorned with elaborate crown molding.  Ceilings were commonly festooned with decorative plaster: ribbons, swags, classical urns and even figural sculpture.  Bolder decorators can use faux marble or gold on wall paneling, and even scenic or historical murals are not out of place.

Decorative objects, particularly Chinoiserie, add color and authenticity to a Georgian room: everything from knick-knacks to wallpaper was being imported from the Far East during the period.  Ming-style blue and white porcelain and celadon table lamps, lacquer work, and bronze ornaments are good places to start.  Wooden picture frames should be heavy and elaborately carved.  Items with a British feeling, like silver tea services, are also appropriate.

Twilight view of a Georgian-style house in the snow
Twilight view of a Georgian-style house in the snow
Joel Sartore/National Geographic Image Collection
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Elements of Georgian Style:

Walls: Wood paneling, stained or painted, up to dado height; crown and baseboard molding; chair rails.  Plain plaster walls with molding will also do.  Wall colors are generally pale: cream, dusky rose, sage or pea green, powder blue, gray-beige.  Florals are fine, particularly Chinese motifs like peonies and chrysanthemums. In grander houses, antiqued wall finishes, gold, and murals can be used.

Furniture:  Delicately carved, graceful furniture in walnut, mahogany.
Hepplewhite, Queen Anne, Sheraton, and Chippendale style furniture are all appropriate in a Georgian room.  Fabrics should be luxurious -- brocade, damask, and tapestry -- and colors and patterns subtle.  Polished cotton and chintz, perhaps with a small flower pattern, will work nicely. Georgian upholstery and curtains often had matching fabric.

Windows: Dramatic draperies: swag, rope tassels, fringe, backed with sheers, wood blinds or shades.

Floors: Wood floors covered with oriental rugs are best.  Plush carpet,
perhaps floral, is fine also. In grand houses, marble floors were used.

Lighting: Chandeliers in brass or crystal; Chinese motif table lamps. Wall sconces in silver or brass.

Accessories:  Chinese porcelain,  lacquer ware, silver tea services, linens, carved picture frames.  Small sculptures, busts. Fans, bronze, snuff bottles.


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