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The Color Wheel Big Color Wheel 27 in. diameter large color mixing tool

Large enough to permit students to learn color mixing and basic color relationships by employing "hands on" techniques. 27 in. diameter is 300% larger than standard wheel.


Deco Art Americana Acrylic Paints 2 oz. bottle oyster pearl metallic
Deco Art Americana Acrylic Paints 2 oz. bottle oyster pearl metallic

All-purpose, professional artist quality, highly pigmented water based acrylic for decorative artists and general craft use. Excellent for stenciling, home decor and fabric painting. Use on wood, fabric, walls, canvas, metal paper, ceramic bisque, leather, etc. Opaque colors cover in one coat. Intermixable and permanent, soap and water cleanup. Available in 2 oz. and 8 oz. bottles.

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NEW!                               Historic Paint Colors

Colonial Style Late Victorian
Federal Style   Late Victorian
      Queen Anne
Early Victorian    
  Greek Revival Colonial Revival
  Gothic Revival Bungalow
Italianate Style    

Mixing colors to make a glaze can sometimes be a daunting task. 
artSparx is here to make your job a little easier. Following are color mixing recipes,
ideas and basic principles to help you get started.
Exclusively for artSparxPro members!

artSparx colorSelect
parchment ocean blue sky blue burgundy wine caribbean green library green
tangerine sand stone brick red mexican red terre-cotte umbrian brown
burnt umber burnt
sunflower rose peach straw cool grey
tuscan moss green celadon green cream pumpkin  

Each recipe includes exact base-color specs, color mixing ratios and guides on glazing techniques. Simply choose the color you want, or learn the basic color combinations and create your own custom colors.

Work with the color experts at to develop a custom color that is designed specifically for your project.

Tell the about your
project needs and request a quote.


Special                       artSparx Antique Corner

Visit the Antique Corner and learn everything you need
to know about antiquing furniture, objects, gold, silver and
copper surfaces and much more!

Basic antiquing

FREE! No membership required

General Antiquing
Methods and Principles
  • The "Classic antique glaze" 
  • Antiquing with oil glazes 
  • Antiquing with water based glazes 
  • Antiquing with waxes
Antiquing Gilt surfaces
  • Antiquing Gold Leaf
  • Antiquing Silver Leaf
Special Features
  • Antique Parchment Glaze
  • Antique Plaster Effects
  • Furniture Antiquing 
  • Antique Bronzing Patina

artSparx Color Center

About Color 
How we see color
3 Step colorScheme System

Create your own paints and glazes with the
Advanced color principles 
Historic color palettes



 Book Special

Dover Historic Ornament and Design in Full Color  Historic Ornament and Design in Full Color ISBN: 0486452751

 Historic Ornament and Design in Full Color

Egyptian, Roman, Byzantine, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Arabic, Gothic, and more this colorful compendium of 512 religious, architectural, and ornamental images encompasses the abundant variety of the ancient world.


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