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Georgian Style
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Georgian architecture, the style of choice throughout the eighteenth century in England and America, took ancient Greece and Rome as its inspiration.  From grand English country houses to the humbler colonial pattern-book homes of early America, Georgian style recreated the balance, harmony and dignity of its Classical sources.

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Faux Delft tiles!

The loose, un-even quality of this faux technique makes painted Delft tiles an ideal decorative effect for the beginner or inexperienced do-it-yourselfer.

Irregular lines and loose hand painted renderings add character and old world charm, easily achieved without any prior painting experience.

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rose peach celadon green cool

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Georgian Architecture

Georgian Architecture

Written by one of Britain's most respected architectural authorities, this celebration of architectural design is a fully illustrated introduction to the diverse architecture of the Georgian period (1714-1830). It's packed with more than two hundred vivid, original photographs of both classic and unusual Georgian architecture.

Federal Style Patterns 1780-1820 with CD-Rom
Federal Style Patterns 1780-1820 with CD-Rom

Conveniently organized in sections for cornices, door and window casings, chair rails, baseboards, mantels, and fences, Federal Style Patterns 1780-1820 features 300 detailed line drawings that are useful to architects, interior designers, and preservationists.

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The Gilded Planet

A complete resource for gold, silver, copper leaf, gilder's supplies and expert advice!


Architectural ornamentation,  plaster restoration and installation,
decorative plaster and fresco techniques and much more.

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Item Number: 15714
Description: Custom built Georgian fireplace mantel
Period: Georgian
Hand built wood mantels with hand applied composition ornamentation
Carefully assembled utilizing tongue and groove, splines and precision engineered joints and miters.
Our mantels can be manufactured in any size or wood species desired. Poplar is our standard wood.
Stock Opening: Width 54 in. x Height 36 in.

Height: 4' 6"
Width: 6'

Contact Us for pricing

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More Fire Place Mantels

Georgian Style architectural details and ornamentation!

Ceiling medallions, cornices and moldings. Authentic Period and Historic Home architectural ornamentation.
All crafted in genuine plaster.
For commercial and residential environments.



artSparx Books

Colonial Style: Creating Classic Interiors in Your Cape, Colonial, or Saltbox Home
Colonial Style: Creating Classic Interiors in Your Cape, Colonial, or Saltbox Home

Colonial Style provides both inspiration and practical advice to homeowners looking to increase their home's livability while retaining its classic charm. The book has chapters that cover doors and windows, trim work, built-ins, floor and wall treatments, paint colors, and incorporating today's kitchens and baths into a timeless colonial interior.

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Classic Georgian Style

Classic Georgian Style

The fourth volume in a related series by Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill glorifies the historic style that originated in King George's 18th-century England. In her inimitable fashion, Lady Henrietta explains the history of Georgian-style architecture, interiors, and gardens, while a profusion of color photography spotlights details of the style's individual features.

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Bella Tuscany Wovens: Cortona Bluebell 648255

Bella Tuscany Wovens:
Cortona Bluebell

Wheat colored florals and vines against a soft blue fabric create an elegant design. Ideal for home decorator projects this fabric is 100% cotton and is 54" wide.

6 different color
patterns to choose from!

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