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artSparx.com, a comprehensive art, interior design and lifestyle web site provides the tools and ideas that allow users to take home décor to a new a level of sophistication and creativity.   Linking home design with artists, art techniques and creative ideas, artSparx is a unique, one stop design resource.

artSparx has two primary ports of entry: 

First, our Home Decor and interior lifestyles channels. artSparx.com offers weekly, magazine-style features on design concepts matched with step-by-step tutorials including color mixing, decorative paint effects, gold leafing, and furniture renovation, that can bring to life your home or office space. Each week, you will learn a new decorative style with step-by-step tutorials that help create and customize the look to suit your needs. 

The explains basic color theory and how to incorporate these ideas to create decorative color schemes using complimentary or contrasting colors. The artSparx Color Palette feature provides color recipes for users looking to mix their own paints for decorative glazes. 

artSparx.com's Style Features explain the hallmarks of more than two dozen design influences such as Victorian, Tuscan, and Flea Market Style that include examples of interior and exterior details.

The Step-by-Step features teach users how to create the look they desire with illustrated tutorials, which are categorized by degree of difficulty.

One of the most dynamic areas of the site is ‘Ask artSparx’. This free bulletin board allows users to post questions on home improvement, color, home décor, and decorative arts, such as staining and color washing.  Users can offer their own insights and also browse the categorized archive of over 3,000 Q&A’s.  Most questions are answered by artSparx.com design experts.

And secondly, our Artists' area. The site opens the door to the world of emerging artists. With The Gallery section and links to artists' web sites, you have access to some of the finest works of emerging artists today.
It is artSparx goal to generate and maintain exposure for emerging artists by providing special features, resources, funding opportunities and educational tools throughout the site. Through this process, artists shall enjoy increased exposure in the art and design community. 

For more information on artSparx visit the artSparx Media support center.

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With artSparx, your creativity comes to life.

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Decorative paint and glazing techniques

artSparx.com is a fiarde.com web services company.


Fiarde Architecture Design creates themed and historic environments 
for private homes and commercial buildings worldwide.  Fiarde's 
sourcing and integration capabilities uniquely qualify it for both new 
construction and historic restorations.  Fiarde serves architects, 
interior designers, and contractors through its full service 
division.  Fiarde serves artisans and do-it- yourselfers through its 
web services division.  Fiarde's worldwide client base includes period 
estates, international resorts, upscale retailers, and renown museums. 

For aesthetic lifestyles(t), please visit www.fiarde.com or 
contact Tobias Freccia at 650.234.8418 or tobias@fiarde.com.



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