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Antique Plaster Effects

artSparx has created a 3 stage step-by-step tutorial series. Series 1 begins with basic plaster application, our 2nd series illustrates antique glazing and plaster distressing methods, culminating in the final fresco simulation series 3, hand-painted elements. You can complete each tutorial as a finish and style in it's own right. Or, depending on your interests and style needs, combine the tutorials to achieve the hand-painted fresco appearance that will bring your environment to life.

Tuscan Style

Design Style Feature

Tuscan style evolved through layers of history, taking cues from the earliest Etruscan metal craft and pottery, and of course, from the sumptuous world of the Italian Renaissance. In Tuscany one finds frescoes, cracked and worn by time, still vibrant with original pigment, depicting ancient deities and the decadence of the late Roman empire.

More about Tuscan Style
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Venetian Plaster Kit

The Venetian Plaster Kit comes complete with everything you need to get started. It is a perfect way for you to get to know the Max Meyer Venetian Plaster system on a professional level. Why wait. Prepare yourself today for this booming new trend.

Venetian Plaster Kit
CODE: Kit 1000
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Furniture Antiquing 

Ideally suited for kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and almost any piece of furniture. Create a polished ivory look, or a Classic French striee with this glazing recipe and technique.


Product Specs.

  Calce a Spatola
Available Brands:
  Max Meyer
Baldini Vernici
Stilli Di Vita
Product Usage:
Pigments Used:
Earth Oxides & UTC
Available Sizes:
  1 Liter
4 Liter
5 Liter
14 Liter
16 Liter
Country of Origin:
Available Color Charts
  Oxide Color Choices
360 Colors available plus 24 pre-tints
Advanced Color Matching:
Color Capacity:
  Neutral Tones
Average Coverage:
  120 sqft. per Gallon
25 sqft. per Liter
Product Prep:
  Acrylic Fixative and Quartz Primer Solution Suggested
Application System:
  Generally 2 Coat. Wet Burnish on second coat.
Wax Available.
  Stainless Steel Spatulas,
Trowels, or Milanese Spats.
Wet Product Samples:
  Available in 1 Liter size cans.

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23kt Edible Gold
& Silver Leaf

Add to cakes, cookies, champagne and much more!

Because everyday is a celebration; birthdays, weddings, graduation or just a happy day, the GildedPlanet brings the art of gilding to all celebrations and festivities! Delivered in
a decorative gift box, each kit includes .35 grams of Edible Gold flakes or Edible Gold dust with "Romantic Recipes," a recipe card of cocktails and dessert ideas using Edible Gold leaf.

$ 39.99
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More techniques
Color washing
Glazing techniques 
Rag rolling 
Wood graining 
Striee glazing
Dragging techniques 
Pouncing techniques
Style archives
Preparation of surfaces
Know your materials

Create your own  color schemes!

red cream cool grey
ocean blue burnt
rose peach

Custom color blends
at the artSparx
Color Palette!

Historic Color Palette

historic paint colors

Gold Leafing might be just the right accent you're looking for!

Visit our
Gold Leafing tutorials


Masking tip: 
Always test an area to be taped before beginning the masking job. Wallpaper is particularly susceptible to tearing. Lacquer and varnish surfaces on furniture may come off easily with the tape and the item could be severely damaged.



Lime Marmorino
Venetian type Lime Plaster - 2 step process
360 Colors available plus 24 pre-tints

Ratings 3 - 4

For use on: Interior/Exterior walls, ceilings, furniture and objects

Modern Lime Marmorino
'Baldini Memory'

Tintable with universals. High gloss marmorino.

The word Marmorino, originating from Marmo (Italian for Marble), can actually can be interpreted as, "little bits of marble."  Recognized by the Romans as a decorative wall covering, Marmorino has quite an interesting history. Officially proven by historians, other cultures such as the Ancient Greeks, Etruscans, and even Egyptians commonly used tinted Marmorino to decorate and construct walls still existent and intact today.

Download Color Brochure - Catalog

Application Tutorial

Perhaps one of the greatest features other than the look and texture of Marmorino is its natural composition which serves many of purposes. (1)The slaked lime binder found in Lime Spatula is a natural disinfectant that bears anti-molding and fungus fighting capabilities. (2)Due to its porous nature, Marmorino can actually breathe. Absorbing humidity and oxygen, Marmorino surfaces provide natural climate controlling aspects not found in any known synthetic paint or wall covering. (3)Marmorino has an amazing hardening effect that attaches to the surface it is applied to with amazing force, making it a durable finish, free of synthetic and environmentally hazardous materials.
Overall, Marmorino is a decorative solution that provides amazing depth and natural color, bringing to life to surfaces with its overlapping transparencies and unique decorating power.



Memory Lime Marmoino
Lime Spatula, also considered “Marmorino”, is a trowel applied, paste plaster based on calcium oxide for interior and exterior use. It can be finished using multiple techniques for a variety of matt, satin, and glossy final effects. Due to its outstanding hardness, transpirability, and gloss, it is a solution that is becoming more and more popular not only for its decorativeness, but rather for its convenience. Lime Spatula can be applied directly over cementious or mineral substrates, eliminating many of steps in the building process, or directly over primed walls. Its porous surface can allow for the exchange of important elements such as water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. or on the contrary, it can be sealed using special preparation or finishing co-products. The natural composition of Lime Spatula makes it anti-molding and fungi-proof, preventing architectural deterioration and internal damage. Overall, it is a multi-purpose, highly prestigious, decorative plaster for contemporary and classic decoration.  
Memory Lime Marmarino
CODE: 890109

1 litre - Untinted

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Memory Lime Marmarino
CODE: 890113

5 Litre - Untinted

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Memory Lime Marmarino
CODE: 890114

14 litre - Untinted

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To select from one of our 18 our Pre-tinted colors
go to our Oxide Color Palette now.


Custom Mix color options

Popular Color Schemes


Azzuro gemma

Rosa Iacca
Available Color Charts
Oxide Color Choices
360 Colors available plus
18 pre-tints
Advanced Color Matching:

Please Note: computer color appearances vary from monitor to monitor. The following colors are representations of actual colors available - they are not exact color samples. Complete color chart are available and can be shipped directly to your location. To request a color chart click here..

Verde Oro


Ulivo chairo


Marmorino Kit

Effetto Marmorino is a traditional effect created by Lime Spatula. It is a natural, lime based decorative plaster for indoor/outdoor use which is noted for its well blended color tone transitions and encaustic depth. It is a silky smooth, strong, opaque finish suitable for all settings. This kit is perfect for those either searching for something new and popular to add to their decorating portfolio, or even suitable for a small project.

Here's what's included:

1- 4 Liter Bucket of Marmorino
1- 24 x 10 cm. Soft Grip Trowel
1- 12 cm. Team Soft Spatula


Marmarino Kit
CODE: Kit 1005

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360 Colors available  plus 18 pre-tints


Application Tutorial

Getting Started...

During the application of Marmorino, the eye must learn to be able to recognize the right time for proceeding with subsequent phases. This is especially true during the vitrification process, or compression of the surface. When finishing Marmorino, it is important to imagine the finished work; based on knowing exactly how particular movements with the tool will appear after the application is complete. Through practice and experience, realizing adequate timing and such particular issues becomes mandatory for successful applications of Marmorino. The following demonstration breaks down the basic fundamentals of applying Marmorino. Here it is applied on drywall over a base of Acrylic Fixative.

Ideal conditions for applying Marmorino are at room temperatures and over interior walls with perfectly smooth surfaces. Mandatory for a long-lasting guarantee, a thin coat of Acrylic Fixative. is always necessary. Application over standard PVA primers eliminates the ability of Marmorino to breathe, however, for adhering purposes, PVA primers are suitable. For more information on advanced preparation techniques and preparing alternate surfaces such as cement, wood, or even metal, refer to the advanced preparation tutorial.

Step 1.
Apply a medium size amount of Lime Spatula to a stainless steel trowel and work a thin, even layer over the area. When gathering material from the pail, always use fresh and fluid product from the center of the bucket. Covering the container directly after with a wet rag or lid is important. During the first coat, it is a good idea to cut all outlets and special trim work if necessary.
Step 2.
Spread a thin layer evenly onto the substrate, working 4-5 square foot sections at a time. When working with multiple walls in a room, complete a base coat on each section individually before moving to new areas.
Step 3.
When working with Marmorino, be sure to apply a thin amount of product to the wall in a similar and consistent fashion. Using the same movements and timing throughout a project will assist in creating a homogenous effect throughout the entire project.
Step 4.
After a thin, first coat has been applied; you may lightly remove any excess product if the surface is still moist, however, if drying, allow the surface to first dry, and then later remove the unwanted product. The first coat should be extremely thin.
Step 5.
Allow plenty of time for Marmorino to sufficiently dry and harden. The finish will have completely changed color and lightened up to 50% once thoroughly dry. Depending on the porosity of the surface and climate conditions, dry times may vary. Based on a room temperature application with 60% relative humidity, dry times on drywall are at least 15-20minutes, however not ready for new coats until at least 1 hour after the surface has appeared to be physically dry.

More Venetian Plaster Effect Kits


Venetian Plaster Kit
more info

Marmorino Kit
more info

MarmoFloat Kit 1
more info

MarmoFloat Kit 2
more info

Complete Basic Gilding Kits



Includes all the tools and materials
to apply imitation gold leaf, aluminum or copper leaf. Set contains one 4 oz. bottle
of Gilding Size, natural hair brush, cotton and mixing sticks, wet/dry paper and
book of leaf. Water-based.
book contains 25 leaves.
Each leaf is 5.5" x 5.5" square. Approx coverage is 5.25 sq. ft.

Step 6.
Scraping off any excess product between coats is a great idea. Leftover patches of stucco can sometimes create scratches during the final coat. Do not sand Marmorino.
Step 7.
For the second and optional third layers, there are two basic methods of a traditional Marmorino application. Depending on the tools used, Marmorino can be developed into an extremely encaustic and busy finish, or a subtle and calm finish. Other options may include leaving the surface matte or polishing.
Step 8.
Using a trowel typically generates wide and wavy patterns. When applying the second coat with a trowel, it is important to work areas no larger than your wingspan, and no taller than your head to your knees. Working the wall in a clockwise or counterclockwise fashion will help to blend the overall finish, while allowing perfect timing in between to wash the trowel or smoke cigarettes. Leaving the edges of each area somewhat unfinished and uneven will help to connect and blend subsequent patches when moving along.
Step 9.
Keeping your trowel or spatula perfectly clean and free of drying product is important. The slightest buildup of dry product on the trowel can lead to undesirable scratching and damage. Practicing consistent and perfectly timed cleaning of your tool is a perfect way to time your finishing.
Step 10.
Unlike Stucco Veneziano, Marmorino should be sealed and polished while still wet. This means that once the final coat has been applied, and when you believe the selected areas effects are in position, the surface must be sealed with at least one firm passing of the trowel over the area. It is at this point the more polishing or burnishing can be achieved.
Step 11.
Marmorino can be finished using many different techniques. Learning the basic trowel and spatula applications is important before moving into more advanced patterns and finishing techniques. Understanding what the final results of your techniques will be as you must learn to mentally envision the final results of your application as would an artist or sculptor. Marmorino can be waxed after 14 days.
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Special Feature - About gilding products

Aluminum Leaf

Dutch Gold or
composition leaf

Aluminum Leaf imitates the illusion of genuine Silver, at a fraction of the cost. Each individual sheet is bigger and easier to handle then its genuine counter part.

Purchase Aluminum Leaf
Purchase Genuine Silver Leaf

The same applies for 'Dutch Gold', or 'Composition Leaf'. But due to the large brass content, this imitation gold must have a sealer applied to prevent tarnishing, unlike genuine gold leaf.

Purchase Composition Leaf
Purchase Genuine Gold Leaf

artSparx Book special


The Paint Effects Bible:
100 Recipes for Faux Finishes

The Paint Effects Bible is a library of faux finishes: 100 of them. Each is described on a single spread with a large photograph of the finish plus step-by-step illustrations, an ingredients list, and detailed instructions for creating the effect.

A valuable source for professional and amateur decorators alike, this book comes in a handy, pocket-sized format with a concealed wire-binding that lays flat during use.

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