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Wallboard Compound: 12 lb., 1 gallon pail
Dap No. 10102 & 10100
A latex joint compound for treating taped joints of interior gypsum panels. Also may be used for finishing and patching.
SKU: 264528  


more dry wall compounds and plaster mixes


Feature Tutorial

Patching Drywall

Fix those troublesome holes quickly! Follow this step-by-step tutorial.




Easy Mask Painting Tape

Easy release tape for professional results. Protects against bleed-through and seepage.
SKU: 790969
$ 4.69

4 different sizes!
 2" x 50'
 2" x 180'
 3-3/4" x 75'
 3" x 400'




General Purpose Masking Tape: Masking Tape: 1/2"
Intertape Polymer Group No. 83265 thru 84393
A general-purpose masking tape designed for numerous household applications including sealing small packages, light bundling
SKU: 773210  


Painters Grade Masking Tape:3/4" W. x 60 yd.
Intertape Polymer Group No. 77946 thru 84395
Designed for the professional painter. Full crepe ensures comformability on curves and irregular surfaces.
SKU: 781703  


Anchormask Edging Tape: 2" x 180'
Intertape Polymer Group No. 5261 & 5262
Made of quality crepe paper for superior flexibility to handle tough curve and corner applications.
SKU: 795186  


Pro-Mask Blue™ Masking Tape.3/4"
Intertape Polymer Group No. 9530 thru 9533
The gentle hold acrylic adhesive is ideal for delicate surfaces such as freshly painted walls and wallpaper.
SKU: 784538  


General-Purpose Masking Tape.3/4" x 60 yd.
Intertape Polymer Group No. 5100 thru 5103
Full crepe insures conformability on curves and irregular surfaces. Unwinds easily for easy application.
SKU: 784805  


Masking Tape: 3/4" W. x 60 yd.
3M No. 5142-3/4 thru 5142-2
All-purpose masking tape for noncritical applications.
SKU: 772372  


Painter's Masking Tape: 3/4" W. x 60 yd.
3M No. 2050-3/4 thru 2050-2
Designed specifically for paint masking applications. Produces a superior paint line while preventing seepage.
SKU: 773034  


Scotch Safe-Release Painters' Masking Tape
3M No. 2080-1 & 2080-2
Safe-Release blue painters' masking tape is the most versatile tape on the market.
SKU: 798204  


Long-Mask Masking Tape:3/4" W. x 60 yd.
3M No. 2090-3/4 thru 2090-2
Bright blue color gives visual identification to this unique product.
SKU: 799648  


Masking Paper, 6"
Loparex No. 564160 thru 564360
For use in masking tools. Daubert masking paper is a general purpose 28 lb.
SKU: 782017  


Pre-Folded Masking Film
3M No. MF-36 thru MF-99
High-density, nonporous masking film rolls are pre-folded.
SKU: 783378  


Pre-taped Plastic Dropcloth
Loparex No. 949560
High adhesive tape and plastic dropcloth combined together to provide protection on many painting jobs.
SKU: 792253  


Glass Mask™.
Wagner Spray Tech. No. 0284001
Liquid solution packaged in an applicator container that is ideal for masking window panes.
SKU: 773646  
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Glass Mask

Wagner Spray Tech.
Liquid solution packaged in an applicator container that is ideal for masking window panes. After painting just use the carbon steel scraping blade contained in the cap to remove the paint and dried solution. Applicator pad is 1-1/8" wide. 1 Glass Mask covers up to 700 linear feet (20 average windows).
$ 8.19


Pre-taped Plastic Dropcloth

High adhesive tape and plastic dropcloth combined together to provide protection on many painting jobs. Strong adhesive tape can be used on rough, dusty, greasy surfaces and leaves a clean straight line when removed. Plastic dropcloth has a static charge that causes it to cling to the wall, cabinet, etc. for better protection. 48" x 75'.

$ 10.19


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