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Feature Product


Stencil Brush

Pure China bristle brush. Stenciling requires a round, flat-tipped stencil brush. Size: 1" (2.54cm) natural China bristle brush.
$ 8.60

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The Gilded Planet

A complete resource for gold, silver, copper leaf, gilder's supplies and expert advice!


Architectural ornamentation,  plaster restoration and installation,
decorative plaster and fresco techniques and much more.


Lead free tints for use in latex, alkyd, oil-base, acrylic and polyvinyl paints, stains and finishes. Can be used by the homeowner or professional. Packaged in 1-1/2 oz. plastic tubes. Available in 32 different colors.

Big Job Sponge
Cellulose. Assorted colors. Size: 4-3/16" x 7-9/16" x 1-11/16".
Light yellow tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Medium yellow tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Yellow orange tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Yellow orchard tint, 1.5 oz. $ 4.09
Raw Sienna tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Burnt Sienna tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Desert sand tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Raw Umber tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Burnt Umber tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Dyke brown tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Black lamp tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Venetian red tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Tangerine tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Vermillion tint, 1.5 oz. $ 4.09
Bulletin red tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
New Rose tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Lavender tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Spring green tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Light green tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Medium green tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Dark green tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Phalo green tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
S.B. green tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Ultramarine blue tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Colbalt blue tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.79
Prussian blue tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Sandalwood tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Gray tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Avocado tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Gold tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
White tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49
Lake rose tint, 1.5 oz. $ 3.49


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