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Perhaps more than any other design element, a door tells the story of a structure's past and present. Entryways can be welcoming or forbidding, rustic or formal, and frequently express essential features of the culture that has created them, the people they enclose, and even the natural environment they keep at bay.

Rustic door

A weathered Irish garden gate, embedded in an ancient stone wall, intimates that the space within has kept its secrets for a long, long time -- but that those who gain entry will find a landscape of enchantment inside.

A plainspoken Connecticut red barn door, though designed with pure function in mind, evokes a rich regional history of cornhuskings, barn dances, hay rides.

barn door

Cuban door

Cuban shutters and Greek door curtains close out fierce sun glancing off blue water.

Greek door

Doors also speak to the owners, telling a story of color, song and family.

French door

In Provence, France, we find a a rustic door with sun faded painted doors and an inviting canopy.

Blending Traditional and Contemporary Design
Venetian Plaster

Stucco Veneziano - Venetian Plaster!

Inspired by the ornate plaster-work of Renaissance Italy, decorative plaster has a millennial history, with origins dating back to the Rome of the Caesars and in the art of Ancient Greece.

It was Andrea Palladio, a famous Italian architect, who in the XVI century re-discovered it through his studies and re-proposed it in the splendid Venetian villas that are still to this day the distinguishing mark of his career. Stucco Veneziano is an aesthetic solution that step by step, conquered Venice and Lombardy, then Italy, and finally entire Europe in the XVII century. Today, venetian plaster Stucco Veneziano restores the splendor of a classic and prestigious finish.


Antiquing Video Tutorial

Turn ordinary objects into heirlooms! Creating the 'Classic Antique' glaze finish for objects, furniture, walls and more. This detailed step-by-step tutorial shows how to mix the right colors to create the perfect antiquing solution for any object, furniture, picture frame and more.

Doors can express individual personality as well.

Colonial doorway

A colonial doorway - simple and unadorned - offers a genuine but somewhat austere welcome.

Formal doorway

A large, arched stone entryway with imposing steps and formal plantings creates a grand feeling, but the small windows keep the huge doors light and proportionally interesting.

Swedish doorway

Carefully tended flower baskets that fringe a carved Swedish door suggest delight in a brief, blooming summer -- as well as long winters devoted to handicrafts.

English doorway

An English door in the Arts and Crafts style offers natural wood, a hand-fitted frame, wrought iron hardware, and a blown glass window: an artisanal design aesthetic as well as a cozy but sophisticated feeling.

Tuscan doorway

Time worn doors, found in the Italian town of Lucca, suggest stories from behind these aged portals.

Hidden doorway

Simple doors set within stone and brick are reminiscent of the days of Speak-easy's - and secret wine vaults.

Door Details

Door details can be regal or quirky. Knockers with animal and face motifs. Hand-fitted hinges, bolts in weathered iron or gleaming brass. Paneling, both recessed and raised. Rich carvings or bas-relief in gleaming solid oak. Even plain pine boards are evocative when painted an intriguing cobalt or an earthy sage.

Door design detail
Door design detail
Door design detail

Door detail
Door detail
Door detail

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