Window Styles through the ages. Explore creative design ideas, tips and inspirations for this classic architectural design style.          

Windows do much more than simply admit light and air to a room. They can be utilitarian or decorative, countrified or classic, formal or rustic, shuttered or elaborately draped. Windows can be a purely practical matter, but they can also dramatically alter our experience of interior and exterior space.

Although the Romans used cast glass windows in important buildings as early as 100 AD, glazing was a great luxury until the late Middle Ages.

Rustic Country window style

Rustic Country

Classic French window style

Classic French

Tuscan window style

Windows set in stone in Tuscany, Italy.

Provincial window style

Sun bleached shutters in Provence, France.

leaded glass windows

Churches are famous for colorful and clear glass windows.

Blown-glass, leaded panes were reserved for cathedrals and palaces, set in massive stone arches that reached heavenward like the Gothic spires that surrounded them. Ordinary windows were simply shuttered against the weather or barred against hostile force.

Eventually, of course, glass was installed in the windows of even the most modest European houses. A double casement set in Tuscan stone, sun-bleached shutters in Provence -- these small, timeworn windows have framed centuries of everyday life. Their weathered, ancient look is nicely offset by ephemeral ornamentation like a flowerpot or delicate lace curtains.

leaded glass windows

Leaded pane windows offered soft, diffused light, as well as protection from the elements.

Ornamental decorative plaster molding

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Classic architectural details and ornamentation!

Ceiling medallions, cornices and moldings. Authentic Period and Historic Home architectural ornamentation. All crafted in genuine plaster. For commercial and residential environments.

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Period and Historic Styles


Colonial Style window

Simple, double framed windows shutters for blustery days.


Southwest Style window

Burlap curtains shade a rustic, sun-drenched Southwestern bathroom.


Victorian Style window

Grand, elaborately detailed Victorian arches in colored glass have a pre-Raphaelite feeling.


San Francisco Style window

San Francisco jumbles ornate baroque and classical elements for an eclectic, colorful prettiness.


New Orleans Style window

New Orleans adorns a down-home crab shack with graceful six-over-six panes, shaded, of course, by a porch overhang.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts Style window

Arts & Crafts and Bungalow Style - Sash windows, geometric forms

Eclectic window style

The regional and period styles of the New World are often a simple, but nonetheless visually appealing, response to the natural environment. Sturdy shutters protected against colonial New England winters.

Toward the end of the nineteenth century, architects began to reassemble Old World window forms with striking results.

Sometimes, a new approach to design emerges in the treatment of a window. The geometric forms and wide sash windows of an Arts and Crafts bungalow create light, airy interior space as well as a striking facade.

And the crazily tilted, quirkily adorned frame at bottom abandons the "rules" of design altogether, making the humble window an expression of individualistic flair.

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