Mixol Universal tinter for paint, glaze, waxes and decorative plasters          

Mixol universal tinter

mixol tinters for paint and concrete

Mixol, a high-quality tinting paste made in Germany, is highly concentrated and will add color to almost any type of paint or coating material. A binder-free, glycol-based product, Mixol is made for hand mixing and is easily suspended in water, oil or solvent bases.

It is perfect for oil-based or latex paint, lacquers, shellacs, Venetian plaster, concrete floor paints, cement, wood putty and wood fillers. Mixol can be used to color radiator paints, epoxy resin paints paints, chlorinated rubber paints and other specialty paints. Colors are so concentrated that Mixol is usually measured by drops, not ounces. The product is very popular with faux finishers as well as with residential painters who want to color-correct a batch of paint. “Painters love the ease of mixing,” says JoAnne Campisi of Sepp Leaf Products, Mixol’s U.S. distributor. “With its minute particle size, it’s easily suspended.”

Mixol is highly resistant to frost and heat damage. Its shelf life is infinite because there is no binder to dry out or thicken. Temporary thickening due tocold weather doesn’t affect its quality. All you have to do is warm it to room temperature, shake it up, and it’s ready to use.

Color Charts

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Item Color Name 12 Color Sets
MIXOL/01-12 12 COLOR SET STANDARD MIXOL - Color #1 to 12 - 20ml German $56.00
MIXOL/13-24 12 COLOR SET SPECIAL TONE MIXOL - Color #1 to 12 - 20ml German $56.00

Mixol Tints

Item Color 200 ml - 8.4 oz
500 ml - 16.8 oz
G/01 Black - 200 ml $29.95
B/01 Black - 500 ml $68.50
G/02 Raw Umber - 200 ml $29.95
B/02 Raw Umber - 500 ml $68.50
G/04 Oxide Red - 200 ml $29.95
B/04 Oxide Red - 500 ml $68.50
G/05 Oxide Yellow - 200 ml $29.95
B/05 Oxide Yellow - 500 ml $68.50