Rustic French Style. Explore creative design ideas, tips and inspirations for this classic architectural design style.          

Unruly vines fringe an elegantly symmetrical Loire Valley manor house, and a rough stone wall encloses its tangled gardens. In hidden corners of the surrounding French countryside, rustic arches frame rolling hills.

Rustic French Style interiors Family life often focuses around meals.

Tarragon and rosemary bushes scent the air. Wine and cheese are set out in preparation for dinner al fresco. Rustic French style, inspired by this ancient pastoral landscape, creates welcoming, airy interior space with interesting, antique textures.

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English Country Style

Rustic French Style architecture

In the English countryside, pretty villages dot rolling hills and cobblestones line narrow medieval streets. Come in through the garden gate, and you'll find a steep thatched roof overhanging ancient leaded glass windows. Old garden roses creep around the carved oak door. The grounds, whether a picturesque cottage garden or the rolling parkland of the local manor house, are lovingly cared for. Everything is fresh, tidy, and welcoming.


Rustic French Style fabrics

In the bedroom, sunlight warms sisal floor mats, woven throw rugs, and terra cotta tile. Simple, airy comfort prevails. Delicate botanical prints with plain white frames adorn color washed walls. Bedroom furniture -- head and footboards, side tables -- is whitewashed, bleached, distressed.

Rustic French Style colors

Rustic French Style kitchen

Form follows function in the rustic kitchen. A brick ceiling, weathered wooden cabinets, and hanging pots evoke earthy meals -- cassoulet, coq au vin -- cooked for family and friends. Straight-backed chairs are placed at a scarred wooden work table for trimming fresh vegetables or enjoying a morning coffee.

In the dining room, family and friends are welcomed by a massive stone fireplace. Wood paneling glows; the panes of leaded glass windows reflect the firelight. For a special occasion, this room can be dressed up with candlelight and white linen.

Rustic French Style fabrics

And on the way down to the wine cellar, a surprise: floral tiles peek out from the stair kick boards.

Upholstery is minimal and unfussy, and windows are covered with sun-bleached shutters or plain curtains.

Sun bleached, colorful shutters protect the home from the strong southern sun.

Rustic French Style windows

Rustic French Style traditions

The rolling country side of the Loire Valley epitomizes the Rustic French Style. Organic, time worn charm, and a sense of being connected with the earth, root the rural French traditions.

Rustic French Style Inspirations

Rustic French Style rugs and carpetsA layered rug look complements a hand made tile floor.
Rustic French Style ceiling beamsBrick archways support this rustic beamed ceiling.
Rustic French Style archwaysUncluttered stone walkways and arches.
Rustic French Style wall colorsColor washed walls create a light and airy feel in this bedroom.
Rustic French Style designsThis time worn roof offers protection from the elements as well as pure, rustic charm.

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