Sunflower Glaze - Pre-mixed decorative glaze for faux finish effects.          

Sunflower - Pre-tinted glazing liquid

For decorative effects and faux finishing.
Sunflower glaze for interior walls

Velur Matte Glaze


Great for exterior stucco and mineral based plaster finishes!

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Velur A compatible interior/exterior glaze, Velur is a silicone/mineral based glaze, diluted by water, that reacts amazingly with aggregates and textures. Applicable by brush or other faux tools, Velur glaze creates delicate tones and transitions in a wide variety of saturation and opacity. Experimenting with dilution is the key to successful finishing with Velur glaze.

Perfect for exterior applications, Velur glaze is an ideal glazing medium for mineral based plaster and stucco effects. In order to preserve certain application systems, such as a mineral based system, we often recommend a finishing mineral glaze such as Velur. This breathable silicone/mineral based glaze will not create a layer of skin over the texture, a potentially negative approach for long term preservation. So we've categorized Velur as a mineral faux glaze, compatible with other mineral products and surfaces.

Another example, Velur is often used as the finishing glaze for the Travertine Tile effect. Absorbing into the texture as would a stain, while maintaining a porous and breathable surface after curing, Velur is quite unique in this sense. Allowing moisture to escape, and preventing surface coat peeling or flaking, it completes a mineral based finishing system. Inherently, mineral paints and glazes do not flake or peel.

Spread rate: Velur glaze aan be diluted up to 500% with water. Spread rates vary depending on dilution and final opacity desired.

Choose your own color. Simply select a color of your choice from any major paint manufacturer and our team at artSparx will custom tint your Velur mineral glaze and ship it directly to your location. Call us at 415.407.5097 or email. There is an additional fee for color tinting.

For Interior and exterior treatments. If you have questions, just ask us!

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Velur Glaze - Sunflower - 3 lbs.

Suggested Application


Testing and thinning your glaze. The amount of glaze you mix up depends on the intensity or opacity of color your desire and size of the area you are working on. Velur glaze is very concentrated and can be diluted up to 500% with water. Test an area to determine how strong or opaque you want the final glazed finish to be.

Work from the top down. When glazing, experience tells us it easier to work from the top of the wall to the bottom. If you start at the bottom and work upward, any drips or spills occurring can damage already treated lower portion finish.

Working over Stucco or mineral based surfaces. It may be helpful to wet the surface to be glazed with water first to allow your pre-tinted Velur glaze to move freely over the surface. Applying glaze directly to dry Stucco or mineral based surfaces may 'stain' the area and not allow the glaze to move evenly.

Base Color Benjamin Moore Linen Sand - BM 2151-60 - Latex Eggshell

Sunflower base coat

Glaze color Sunflower

Sunflower glaze color

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