- Gesso stipple brush. For gold gilding and decorative painting techniques.          

Gesso Stippling Brushes

These high quality stippling brushes have been selected for their superior quality of bristle, durability and ability to hold a great deal of material. Gesso stipple brushes are specifically selected tools for Traditional gilding. Ornate surfaces require a stipple technique for the initial coats of warm gesso to avoid drowning the detailed areas. This critical layering of gesso is best applied with these stipple brushes.

Gesso stipple brush

Gesso Stipple Brush

# 223 - France
In Stock

223/4 $ 9.00
Gesso Stipple Brush 5mm - #4 - France
223/6 $ 11.00
Gesso Stipple Brush 7mm - #6 - France
223/8 $ 13.00
Gesso Stipple Brush 10mm - #8 - France
223/10 $ 15.50
Gesso Stipple Brush 13mm - #10 - France
223/12 $ 18.50
Gesso Stipple Brush 16mm - #12 - France
223/14 $ 24.00
Gesso Stipple Brush 20mm - #14 - France
223/16 $ 30.00
Gesso Stipple Brush 23mm - #16 - France

White Carrera Marble paint finish

Faux Marble

Painted Marble Finish - Learn how!

In Italy, the word marble is synonymous with Carrara, after the great marble quarrying region in the north of the country. Through centuries marble has enhanced interiors world wide. Creating the impression of real marble in your home can quickly elevate the presence of any furniture or object. It adds interest and charm and transforms everyday objects into heirlooms. I’ve chosen this painted white marble because of its rustic simplicity. Yet it illustrates the foundation for creating a variety of marble types, your imagination being your only limitation.


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