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This historic city blends the antique with the funky and the old with the odd. The architectural heritage here is the richest in America. All over the city, European elegance is jazzed up with Caribbean and African vibrancy and a dash of Carnival.

New Orleans architectural Style

Picture these inviting scenes. Above a cobbled street in the Vieux Carre, potted ferns cast shade over a wrought-iron balcony. Just uptown, a ceiling fan stirs the lazy air in the upper gallery of a Garden District mansion. A simple Acadian rocking chair waits on the ginger breaded porch of a Victorian cottage. Live oaks shelter wide boulevards lined with grand Greek Revival and Italianate mansions. Lush banana trees shade Creole cottages painted in tropical shades of mango and lime. Gardenia and night-blooming jasmine scent the air.

New Orleans Style colorsPainted accents in porch ceilings create personality and charm.

New Orleans style combines classic structures with bold color and accents inspired by the city's festive, eccentric traditions. Crown moldings, floor-to-ceiling sash windows, and pocket doors mix it up with oyster-bar octagonal tile, wooden ceiling fans, Mardi Gras masks and beads. A touch of bordello style in the form of velvet swags or gas lights lends a true Vieux-Carre feeling to a room. Tropical plants such as potted banana trees, an palms, orchids and fichus evoke the intimate jungle of the French Quarter courtyard. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Ornamental Plaster

Plaster Ceiling medallions, cornices and moldings
Architectural plaster features, interior details and ornamentation!

Ceiling medallions, cornices and moldings. Capitals, crowns and cartouches. Ournauthentic Period and Historic architectural ornamentation are all crafted in genuine plaster. For commercial and residential environments. Repairs and restoration.

more ornamental plaster medallions.

Hand Painted Floor Cloth

Freshen any room with this creative checker board painted floor cloth.

Antique paint glaze

The magic of a painted floor cloth can transform a common space into a unique and beautiful expression of you and your family’s personality. Use these versatile cloths for entrance floors, children's rooms, porches, or just about anywhere. Due to the hand painted nature of each floor cloth there is a great opportunity to customize an interior detail to the home, adding quirky elements and personal touches that help create these singularly unique painted floor cloths.


New Orleans Inspirations

New Orleans Style
New Orleans Style interior
New Orleans design style
New Orleans Style
New Orleans Style
New Orleans Style


Bold color with ornate or substantial crown molding and picture hangers are a mainstay. The French influence is present all around, exemplified by pocket doors, and the multiple paned French door. Mantels frame fire places and create a focal point for design of the New Orleans room, as well as being the Traditional gathering place for families to pass down tales and traditions, the lore of generation to generation.

tuscan style

Hand painted signage, with a creole folk art flare, abound on walls, shops and local haunts. Brass or copper light fixtures complement wrought iron balconies and entrances. Mardi Gras masks, beads, hot sauce bottles add color and character to local interiors. And, or course, tropical foliage reminds us of just where we are.


Tall ceilings mark this style, often 12-14' high. Many are capped with stamped tin with antique wood ceiling fan to cool the whole room down.


You'll commonly find "barge board" or antique heart of pine floors. Wide planked and firm under the feet.


Floor to ceiling windows, often beveled glass provide an airiness that lights the New Orleans room. Louvered or solid wood exterior shutters, help protect from the occasional downpour. While rich velvet or brocade curtains imply a coziness and comfort.


Silks, velvets and hand woven brocades fill the home on furnishings, curtains and bedding. Lacework and linens add a bit more texture to the environment and rich damask patterns, tone on tone, are used effectively in all rooms.


You might find a Cypress plank table, perfect for layering with newspaper and piling up the crab legs. Or the rich colonial feel of mahogany, used to create side boards to house quirky collections. And the easy going, casualness of wicker line porches, as if in anticipation for the afternoon nap of it's owner.


Brass or copper light fixtures complement wrought iron balconies and entrances. Mardi Gras masks, beads, hot sauce bottles add color and character to local interiors. And, or course, tropical foliage reminds us of just where we are.

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